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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,

but about the stories you tell”.
Seth Godin

Mastering Storytelling & Presentation Skills Workshop

You might be an amazing presenter, leaving your clients, management and audience open-mouthed after each lecture. But do you really know how to excite the audience? To make them empathise with you, your product, your vision, and with everything you and your company represent?

Are you able to build a fascinating story on a technical topic that will excite your customers and motivate them to buy the product at the end?


Apparently, what is most important about the presentation is the ability to tell a story.
The good news is that this is an acquired skill and you can learn how to pack numbers, dry data, facts, statistics into an interesting, exciting, sharp and clear story. In today's competitive age, your ability to tell a story in an exciting, compelling and motivating way - is critical to the professional success of you and your employees.


For whom is the workshop suitable?

For employees, managers, salespeople, development managers, product managers and executives who understand that being able to tell the story of their product in an interesting, crisp and touching way - are key to success in sales and meeting company's goals.

The secrets of Public Speaking -
AMAZING lecture by - Marina Naomi Smolyanov - Freedom Conference 2018

KEYNOTE 🎤 Art of Storytelling

Marina Naomi Smolyanov - Gives you the best platform for PUBLIC SPEAKING PRACTICE in Tel-Aviv

Marina Naomi Smolyanov on The Magic Science of Storytelling for Business Success

מרינה סמוליאנוב מנהיגות ופרזנטציה
הרצאה בארגון תגלית
סדנת מנהיגות במגנן דויד אדום
מרינה סמוליאנוב הרצאה בכנס גוגל

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation.
It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.”

- Robin S. Sharma -

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