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Whether it is achieving success in your business, or transforming your personal life, Marina Naomi Smolyanov's lectures, courses, group workshops, personal or virtual training programs will lead you to fulfill your potential - where you can shine the brightest.
Marina Naomi Smolyanov
Marina Naomi Smolyanov is a global expert, a passionate Keynote speaker and a lecturer for Innovation, Creative Communication, Storytelling, Management strategies, Leadership Training and Entrepreneurship - for the new age.

Leadership/ Strategy / Branding/ Communication

Marina ranks among the very best speakers and innovators in Israel. She is an electrifying public speaker, her energy is addicting, and her interaction with the audience is inspiring and unforgettable. This is her superpower for creating organizational transformation in communication, leadership, and innovation.

She is a senior lecturer at the IDC- for innovation, entrepreneurship, and communication strategies, as well for government ministries and international corporations.


Marina is a Board Member of Virtual Speakers Association- International (VSA). She was a former Spokeswoman at the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament), she worked in senior Public Diplomacy positions on behalf of the government in Washington, DC, Madrid, Los Angeles, and Guatemala. She is the founder and President of a professional community of Speakers in Israel - "Toast Tel Aviv," and was a candidate for the Tel Aviv municipal elections in 2018.


She also served as the MC at the Annual Immigration Conference in Israel at the Cinematheque, Tel Aviv 2016, and acted as keynote speaker at 'The Women Economic Forum" New Delhi, India, to an audience of 2000 people.


Marina immigrated to Israel in 1990 from Ukraine. Since then, she has lived and worked in 5 different countries (Israel, Spain, US, Guatemala, Ukraine).  She speaks 5 languages: Russian, Hebrew, English, Spanish, and Arabic.


Marina holds M.B.A- from Lehigh University, Global Village for Future Leaders, M.A. in Government and Public Policy, and a B.A. in Communication and Psychology, From Tel-Aviv University.


Marina specializes in leading organizational transformation while developing smart management strategies. Throughout more than 12 years as a lecturer, facilitator and consultant, Marina has influenced and inspired leading companies in Israel and the world, universities and government offices. To date, she has delivered over 1200 lectures, courses and workshops (in Hebrew, English and Russian).


presentation & 
public speaking skills

customer relationship management 

Boost sales  through
leadership &

Emotional intelligence as the key to success

Build your 
brand through

Implement a business innovating

Earn trust by improving your 
communication skills

Develop a
culture of corporate entrepreneurship 

leadership & 
persuasion skills

development and teamwork 

It's All About Leadership and Management Changes  
“Leadership is not about a title or a designation.
It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.”

- Robin S. Sharma -


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Prof. Boaz Ganor

Dean of Lauder School of Government,
Diplomacy & Strategy

The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, Israel

"Ms. Smolyanov received a particularly high evaluation from the students. They indicated that the workshops were taught in a very interesting and experiential way, an emphasis was given on practical creative tools."

Michael Schwartzman

Product Manager

Verint - Innovation Center

"The vast experience and practical knowledge that Mariana brings with her and the fact she is able to convey it in such a fun experience, makes her trainings to be fascinating, educating and practical. I would highly recommend her to any high-performance organization that wants to take its employees business communication skills to the next level."

Raz Tal

Student at the
Government School IDC

"As a third year IDC government student, I have not yet encountered such a charismatic, dedicated teacher. My personal experience in Marina's "Excellence in Presentation course" was terrific. It was a pleasure to attend the course weekly, and my presentation skills blossomed immensely. Marina always greeted us with an enormous smile and each class was original and interesting. This was by far one of the best courses I've taken at IDC."

Mr. Michael Lavie Salomon

CEO and Program Manager

Momentum Startup Accelerator

"Marina ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. Her speeches on the topics of Storytelling, Pitching, and public speaking have influenced our entrepreneurs from the Momentum Startup Accelerator IDC with a lot of inspiration. Marina is a charismatic and energetic speaker, who taught our startup entrepreneurs important skills on how to present and master the art of pitching and storytelling. Ms. Marina is an electrifying public speaker, her energy is addicting, and her interaction with the group was outstanding. Marina has a stellar professional expertise, and her energy is addicting.”

Shai Prupes

CEO Samson Logic

"I want to thank Marina and compliment her for the excellent work she did preparing us for the construction 4.0 international event. It was a pleasure working with her, and here guidance made a significant improvement in our presentation skills, giving us much confidence to present our presentation. I will advise all who want to improve his pitching and storytelling skills, or who desire to receive some valuable insights about their company, come and work with Marina".

Yulia Kelman

Taglit Innovation Center

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

“Dear Marina, thank you for your lecture in the Taglit Innovation Center, it was a pleasure and an honor to have such an amazing speaker like you. We highly appreciate it.
Your lecture was very inspiring, patriotic, interesting and smart. The atmosphere you created in the room was warm and friendly and the personal stories about your Aliyah were touching and exciting. We would strongly recommend to other educational organizations to have

such a great and inspiring professional speaker like you.”

Mr. Daniele Moscati
 CEO- Jewish Economic Forum

“Marina is a charismatic & energetic speaker, with a deep professional expertise, who taught our foreign delegations' important skills on how to present their story and inspire through theory and practice of pitching to investors. Marina ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. Her speeches have influenced the MA students from LUISS Business School with a lot of inspiration. The students shared that they wished this was a mandatory course back at their University in Rome as it is in IDC. Ms. Smolyanov is an electrifying public speaker, her energy is addicting, and her interaction with the group was unforgettable. In just two hours of a workshop the attendees gained a fresh perspective and great practical tools. It is my pleasure to give Marina my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. She will deliver valuable workshop in an inspiring and entertaining manner.”

Inbal Dagan,
Legal Counsel, Partner

“Marina is a top professional and one of the best speakers and trainers I’ve ever met. She acquired me with the best tools and knowledge which gave me the confidence I needed to speak out and give a professional presentation in front of the senior management of my company.”

Tal Zohar -
Founder & CEO SafeUp

"Marina brings a rare combination of professional skills and emotional intelligence to create a tailored compelling story"




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